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A Comparison Between Sedation Dentists and Sleep Dentists

May 22, 2013

To better alleviate pain and dental anxiety during dental activities, there are now innovative and modified dental treatment options available now. Sedation and sleep dentistry are now introduced. Both are novel practices that exhibit different procedures in relieving anxiety and pain experienced by the patient.

The patient would barely remember anything that had happened during an actual sedation dental treatment because he will be put to deep relaxation although he can still respond to verbal commands. As for sleep dentistry, the patient is completely asleep without being aware of what is happening around him. Although the patient would not really feel any pain at all, he would also not have any recollection of the procedure. The anesthesia employed in sleep dentistry is similar to what is used in a hospital surgery, which is why if a dentist’s office is not equipped for sleep dentistry, the procedure will need to be taken to a hospital or outpatient facility.

The two practices may differ from one another but both share the same objective, which is to provide dental solutions to everyone, regardless of special needs or anything. In fact, people who have physical and developmental disabilities are the ones who can benefit best from these practices. These people call for special needs and appropriate medical conditions, which are way far different from a normal person. In terms of dental activities, these two novel methods can better address their conditions.

Aside from just checking on their license and certificates, it is still important to be guided of certain information that will lead you to an equipped and experienced dentist who would perform these available revolutionary dental procedures. One of the reasons why these revolutionary methods were improvised is because treatment plan is always dependent on the needs and goals of the patient.

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