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Deep Cleaning

The lack of attention to dental care may cause severe bacterial growth in your mouth. Without the regular dental checkups or the proper brushing or flossing, the buildup of plaque, tartar, and leftover food particles may allow bacteria to thrive in and around the gums. This rapid growth of bacteria may even cause bacterial infections and inflammations in the mouth. This can lead to severe gum diseases such as gingivitis. The inflammation may even affect the foundation of the tooth, creating a “periodontal pocket” that is infested with bacteria.

Of course, gum disease will continually become more severe if you do not do anything to halt it. The dentists suggest that in order to stop the growth of bacteria and infections, you must go through deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning incorporates the process of scaling and root planing. Scaling is the basic process of removing dental tartar from the surfaces of the teeth—this part of the deep cleaning is similar to that of the regular dental cleaning. Root planing, on the other hand, deals with the process of smoothing the root surfaces in order to remove any tooth structure that is infected. Root planing is mostly focused on areas that have the periodontal pockets. This entire process sometimes requires the dentist to numb the area or even inject anesthetics. This is normally the case for deep pockets. This is done to ensure that you do not feel any discomfort throughout the procedure. However, if the periodontal pockets are not too deep, none of the injections are needed as you will not feel too much discomfort, and would most likely only feel the physical scraping of the teeth. The procedure is thus not overly complicated.

However, deep cleaning for the entire mouth may take several appointments—each appointment focusing on a quadrant of the teeth. This may seem like a downfall, but being a patient at 7 Day Dental gives you the flexibility for appointments as well as accommodates to your schedule. We know how important deep cleanings are and we want to ensure that you get the dental care that you need.

Therefore, if you are in the need of a deep cleaning and looking to take out all sources of bacteria to stop the growth of gum disease, be sure to visit 7 Day Dental Laguna Woods to book your appointment with one of our experienced dentists today!