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Pediatric Dentistry

boy cleans a teethChildren’s dental health is a priority, especially to their parents. Many believe that dental health is well connected with the holistic health—that a dental problem can affect the entire health of a person. Thus, it is recommended and well assured that children should visit their dentist regularly to obtain regular check ups and cleanings to ensure that their teeth are healthy. Their dental health care now severely affects their dental health as they are older, and thus it is essential that children get the best dental care for their teeth. Though, with so many children dentists in the Orange County area, it must be hard choosing the right children dentist in order to fulfill you and your child’s needs.

However, there is no need to continue searching once you find 7 Day Dental. 7 Day Dental offers an extensive list of characteristics that ensures that this dentist office is the perfect dental office for you. We offer convenience, child-friendly doctors, and experienced dentists. Our office is also extremely kid friendly, having a kids lounge or a kids corner that allows your kids to forget about the dentist and feel at home or comfortable at the dental office. Our kid lounges offer a variety of video games and television networks that allow your children to feel comfortable and safe.Not only do we have individual activities for the kids, but the lounges or corners often also allow all children to meet each other and make new friends, thus making the environment less fearful and scary, but more relaxing and fun. Here at 7 Day Dental, we understand that your children may fear the dentist, and so we try to make your child feel as safe and welcomed as possible. We want to ensure that your child’s experience at 7 Day Dental is unlike what children imagine it to be.

Other than our kid friendly office, 7 Day Dental also offers kid friendly doctors or dentists. Our children’s dentists are sure to meet you and your child’s needs and always want to ensure that your child is receiving the best dental treatment. Our dentists are extremely connectable and love to relate with the children. They want to ensure that they know the child’s problems their the amount of pain that they are experiencing before proceeding. Our dentist want to make sure that when performing a procedure on the child, they are aware of the child’s pain area and are aware of what they need to do. The dentists also want to make the child feel safe and comfortable, especially when performing a certain procedure.

Not only does our office offer relatable dentists, but our office also offers convenience. Open seven days a week or three hundred and sixty five days a year, we never fail to stop a patient from missing school or work. We understand that a priority of children should be attending school, and we do not want your children to miss school and its valuable lessons in order to visit the dentist. Thus, being open every day, we are able to fit in most children on days that do not have school, such as weekends. Though, if weekends are not the best fit, we are also open after-hours, and thus we make it more convenient for your children to visit the dentist after school hours. Therefore, we care a lot about your child’s needs and dental care.

Because dental health is important for all children, be sure to visit 7 Day Dental!

"Dr. Marfatia and Staff (Jessica and Raissa), I just wanted to say thanks for treating my son with great care! He's 4 years of age and shed maybe a couple of tears. Quite the contrary of what I thought he would react. Jessica and Raissa were also great with my son, they were very professional and knowlegable with additional questions I had after we saw the doctor. Thanks again! "
C. C. – Orange County, CA

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