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The Earlier the Better

May 22, 2013

Dental care as a child is important because it determines the health and status of permanent teeth. Primary teeth containing decay make permanent teeth prone to infection and decay. Our children dentists 7 Day Dental Laguna Woods office are able to treat decaying baby teeth and they recommend children to go get a regular check up with the dentist by the time they are one year of age. This age is the best to begin regular check ups and cleanings because the central incisors are already present on both top and bottom. Many young children sleep with their bottles and they fall asleep drinking the juice or milk within the bottle and the sugars become plaque which stays on the tooth surface. The teeth do not get cleaned off so the plaque causes decay to occur. Fluoride treatment is now recommended for children to do as they get older and this is because the fluoride element helps create a barrier on the tooth and does not allow decay to occur as easily. Early dental care is now so important that public schools require regular check ups in order for the children to be able to enroll. Early dental care and treatment is beneficial for the child and will help create a foundation for good oral hygiene.

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